This Is Not An Article About 10 Things You Should Know On The “Arab-Israeli Conflict”

Chaos and violence continue in the Arab world as Gaza enters its 50th day under Operation Protective Edge, Islamic State gains full control of Raqqa, and Islamist militants take hold of Libya’s capital.
This article serves as a reminder that we need to re-think our over-confident analyses and convictions to gain a better understanding of the complex situations going on around.

Mish Jareedi

(Ibrahim Halawi)

The crisis is overwhelming; the tragedy is beyond one’s cognition. We have had to swallow the frustrating and brutal counter-revolution in Egypt and Bahrain, the bloody escalation in Syria and Libya, the geographic expansion of the so-called Islamic State, and to add insult to injury: the war on Gaza. We have had to pretend we’ve got our analysis right; that we have managed to connect the dots in a rational manner at times when the regional power constellation is at its peak.

We haven’t. Despite some exalted activists posting thousands of words on Facebook and getting shared as ‘words of wisdom’, we have yet to understand why and how this has happened. We are yet to understand the political economy of the counter-revolutions. We are yet to visualize the parallel processes of the revolts and the proxy battles and when/where/how did those processes dialectically clash. We are yet…

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