I once saw this piece of writing and liked it since. It opened my eyes on many things :

“Go lay on the grass in a quiet place…

Take a few deep breaths, relax, and stare up at the sky for a few minutes.

Now realize that you are stuck to a massive rock 8,000 miles wide… hurtling through space at 70,000 mph… around a gigantic ball of fire burning at 9,941 degrees F(5,550 C) …through a Universe that has no beginning or end.”

It really shows how big and fascinating everything in this universe is. Realize that the stars you look at have been there for billions of years, and that the light they emit sometimes takes thousands of years (and more) to reach the Earth. Realize that the Earth had been roamed by many creatures we have never seen and possibly some we have no knowledge of yet. Realize that since  the beginning of life on Earth, there has always been day and night, in a consistent pattern day after day. Realize that yesterday and tomorrow don’t exist and that your entire existence has been one long second – an eternal present moment. Realize that your birthday also represents the number of times you’ve gone around the sun. Realize that your body hasn’t stopped functioning since the day you were born, and will continue non-stop till the day you die. Consider that you can see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum, and that there are colors the human eye can’t see and the brain can’t imagine. Realize that we never really know what we think we know and that life is one hell of a mystery still waiting to be unraveled .


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