Lennon said it right.


Imagine the world with no countries. No borders. No regulations to go from one place on Earth to another. Imagine people not referring to themselves as Lebanese, or as Americans, or as Chinese, but as Earthlings, as people who inhabit the Earth, as a whole and not just one nation or part of it.

Nationalism is a man- made messed up system that serves no good logical purpose. All it does is separate people. It makes us think we’re different from each other.  It makes us think that we need to get killed and die in order to keep a piece of land that’s supposedly “ours”. But this is not true. No piece of land belongs to just a group of people. The entire land – the entire planet- belongs to all the people, so no one has a right to claim personal ownership.

Also ,imagine a world with no religion. No more people fussing over rituals. No more people getting judged because of what religion they follow, or don’t follow. No more fights or wars between people of different religions. No more sectarian governments. Just people being good for the sake of being good. Not for rewards, not for going to heaven, or not going to hell. But doing that just because it’s the right humane thing to do.

Yes, I’m a dreamer and this is a dream, a dream I wish people would make come true.


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