The Freedom to Choose

Choosing what to believe in or what religion to follow is a choice every individual has the freedom to make. And what’s more beautiful than having the freedom to do something?

Oh right, actually doing it.

Now frankly, I don’t understand a lot of things that take place in my country and society, but I’ll stick to the following three points on this subject:

  •  First of all, I don’t understand why someone should be considered of a certain religion just because he/she were born to parents of that religion. Isn’t that choice related to the child alone? Shouldn’t he/she choose freely what to follow when he/she grows up? And shouldn’t parents give children that freedom? What I see in my society is kids growing up following exactly what their parents follow, even if they aren’t fully satisfied. Sadly, they grow up accustomed to what they have been hearing from their families that they become too scared to dig into other religions and ideas.
  •  Second of all, I don’t get what the government has to do with this choice. Why should the government keep track of the religion every person follows? Why should it even limit people to certain religions or to even follow any religion at all? Again, it’s a personal choice, and the government should keep it’s nose out of it.
  •  Finally, and most importantly, I don’t understand the war waged on atheists or people who follow religions different that the main religions( Islam, Christianity, Judaism )  . As long as a person is good, there is nothing wrong if he/she doesn’t believe in God; it’s simply their choice. You should accept it and understand that believing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a better person than them. I’ve known atheists who are more humane and kind than many claiming religiosity, and anti theists oppose theism because they believe that it’s for the good of the individual and society (which I personally agree with in some cases;I’ll discuss that anyways in a different post).

Also, it’s completely okay if one follows  different religions or ways than you to reach God. I, for example, have chosen to reach God not by following a certain religion, for they make me feel tied, but through personal well-being and personal development – call it something a bit close to Spiritualism if you want. I have chosen to have a personal experience in reaching God by simply being good, and not by following any prophets or rituals, and i don’t find anything wrong with that. So think for your own self, don’t let others think for you, and choose what you want to do.


One thought on “The Freedom to Choose

  1. But without religions or not knowing them well, many people will not be “good” because they don’t know why they should be good. They will do much more bad things because it is more fun and enjoyable than doing good things

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