Well Wasted

It’s weird to sit among some people, watch them talk their way ahead, and then suddenly realize you barely have anything in common with them. I’ve been in such cases a lot. I’d be sitting, listening, but barely having anything to say because the topics they speak of are of no interest to me.

I mean I sometimes sit with some of my closest friends, and they’d start speaking about dresses, jewelries, brand names and such stuff. Pictures then come and I figure out that everybody has their phone stacked with screenshots of clothes and shoes ( I hide my phone here since it only  includes screenshots of George Carlin or John Lennon’s quotes). I try to act interested, smile, show the needed amount of excitement, compliment the clothes, but on the inside, I don’t freaking care! I actually find  time spent fantasizing about designers’ clothes is well wasted.

Don’t take me wrong here. One should always look neat and represent able, but he/she shouldn’t believe that the only way of doing so is by following what you read in your fashion magazines or watch on Fashion TV.  I mean I see people spending money they have long saved on such brand names so that to fit in and show themselves off in front of their friends.  And is it really worth it? It really angers me that we reached a time where people believe happiness is achieved with owning the latest pair of Chanel boots or Armani jeans.

Again though, I keep on smiling, keep on trying to listen, tune out every once in a while. I try to bring up a topic of actual interest to me, I try asking them about their opinions on the revolutions taking place, or what book they’re reading. I get answered with few words. The subjects get dropped. Back to clothes and singers and songs. Back to smiling and complimenting and nodding in agreement. 


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