It’s been about two years since I’ve last blogged, but I finally decided to get back to it. No, I don’t claim to be a writer.Or a poet.Or anything actually.  I just like to discuss random topics that I have my opinions on. I’d love to hear other people’s points of view on them too, so don’t hesitate in starting a discussion or a debate. Talk logic though, please, because I’m allergic to nonsense.

You may find me writing some poems or short stories ,too, but I don’t promise you anything special. 

I’ll begin this new blog with the same piece of writing I started my blog three years ago with :

They took me as a hostage and locked me in a room with nothing but a pen and a paper to survive with. They made me write them . I screamed back at them. “Go away!” I shouted helplessly. It was useless. They took over my mind. They paralyzed me, making me a prisoner that’s waiting for nothing but their commands. My ideas…My thoughts…. They took me as a hostage…


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