The Future Is Ours

Pessimists are everywhere. I , for instance, am surrounded every day by some. This video though shows us that things don’t need to be that way. We have powers that other generations didn’t have. We have found and made use of many natural resources that previous generations didn’t know of. We have developed cures and medicine for diseases that were thought to be deadly.
Yes, people are still dying. Yes, countries are still fighting. But many people are waking up. Many still remind us that there still is good in the world. Many are making a change , making a better future.
Many truly believe that the future is ours.



It’s been about two years since I’ve last blogged, but I finally decided to get back to it. No, I don’t claim to be a writer.Or a poet.Or anything actually.  I just like to discuss random topics that I have my opinions on. I’d love to hear other people’s points of view on them too, so don’t hesitate in starting a discussion or a debate. Talk logic though, please, because I’m allergic to nonsense.

You may find me writing some poems or short stories ,too, but I don’t promise you anything special. 

I’ll begin this new blog with the same piece of writing I started my blog three years ago with :

They took me as a hostage and locked me in a room with nothing but a pen and a paper to survive with. They made me write them . I screamed back at them. “Go away!” I shouted helplessly. It was useless. They took over my mind. They paralyzed me, making me a prisoner that’s waiting for nothing but their commands. My ideas…My thoughts…. They took me as a hostage…